Cyber Clinic Webinar – The Fight Against Phishing and the Latest Threat Intel Update

What this webinar covers:

Did you know that 62% of organisations have suffered cyber security breaches or attacks in the last year, and 20% of organisations have experienced a breach due to remote workers in the past six months? Whilst we continue to work in new and largely untested ways, cyber criminals continue to exploit this. For organisations it is now more critical than ever to ensure that business operations are not affected or thwarted by bad actors.

Our cyber security team provide an update on the latest threat vectors, giving insight into the current dangers are and how your staff and organisation can avoid falling victim.

Threat Intelligence Update

Six Degrees Head of Threat Intelligence, Thomas Cartlidge will take you through the latest threats and provide an overview of what you should be looking out for.

The Fight Against Phishing (& Spoofing)

Countless organisations have fallen victim to cyber-attacks as a result of spoofing and phishing scams. These types of attacks remain amongst the most successful at infiltrating an organisations’ network as they often rely on one weak link in your organisation. So how can you prevent your perimeter being breached by such attacks? Our Head of Consultancy – Cyber Security and Compliance, John Green will provide practical tips & advice on how to stay safe at an organisational level.



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