CYBER CLINIC WEBINAR: Cyber vs Corona – A CISO Perspective on Cyber Hygiene

What this webinar covers:

Across the country we are now adjusting to living under quarantine. Many organisations and employees are undertaking their 5th or 6th week of working remotely. Although we are now settling in, there are still many complex issues presented by the current climate. With workers ‘out in the wild’ using their devices & remotely accessing work networks, what kind of hygiene should you be putting in place to secure your weakened perimeter?

Now is the time to begin thinking about how you may look to bring your users back from the wild once quarantine is over, returning them into the physical working environment safely & securely

Watch our team of experts below as they provide you with practical information and advice on:

  • The Current COVID-19 Threat Vectors – The latest cyber security threats
  • A CISO Perspective on Cyber Hygiene – What should you be implementing now the initial panic has died down
  • The Big 4 Vulnerabilities –  What vulnerabilities are being actively exploited & what should you be patching.


Paul Rose – CISO, Six Degrees
Thomas Cartlidge – Head of Threat Intelligence, Six Degrees
Andy Swift – Head of Offensive Security, Six Degrees


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