FinOps High Level Report and Workshop

Gain cloud financial insights as the first step to cloud cost control, governance, and optimisation.

Provide Six Degrees’ cloud experts with visibility of your Microsoft Azure subscriptions for the purposes of capturing, analysing, and reporting on your Azure cloud financials. To date, the FinOps High Level Report and Workshop has found potential remediation activities that could lead to savings of between 18 and 40% of monthly Azure spend for customers, if acted upon.


Discover how a FinOps High Level Report and Workshop offers insights that deliver clarity and direction.

Complimentary Products

At Six Degrees, we have taken a modular approach in developing industry-leading managed services so that we can either help you fill the gaps you might have or manage all aspects of your infrastructure. Here are some additional services you might be interested in that we offer in conjunction with our FinOps High Level Report and Workshop service.

Public Cloud Managed Services

Our fully UK onshore delivered Public Cloud Managed Services are ideal for new or existing Azure environments where an organisation seeks to gain control over cloud costs and spend; adhere to architecture best practices; resolve performance, security, reliability, or operational challenges; ensure service availability and resolution; and address in house resourcing constraints.

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Flexible Engineering

The Six Degrees Flexible Engineering service is aimed at organisations that have established their cloud but need access to additional resources, skills, tools and techniques to enable continuous development and improvement to drive cloud optimisation and automation, increase speed of innovation, rapidly release new products and services, and meet service level objectives.

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Windows 365

The Six Degrees Windows 365 service provides managed Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs powered by Microsoft 365. Our Cloud PCs can be accessed on supported Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS clients, or through supported modern web browsers, enabling your users to be productive anywhere on any device.

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Introducing the Cloud Masterclass Education Series

Looking to boost your cloud knowledge and help your organisation make the most out of its cloud investment? Then join Six Degrees at our NEW education series – the Cloud Masterclass.

The Cloud Masterclass series will enable you to gain confidence in your skills, grow your knowledge, and experience real-world discussions on the latest cloud technologies and issues with peers and industry experts.

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By leveraging our strategic vendor partnerships your business can operate effectively and securely in the clouds

Hybrid cloud resources for you and your organisation

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