Cloud Masterclass Education Series

Gain confidence, grow your knowledge, and experience real world discussions on the latest cloud technology. 

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Introducing the Cloud Masterclass Education Series

Looking to boost your cloud knowledge and help your organisation make the most out of its cloud investment? Then join Six Degrees at our NEW education series – the Cloud Masterclass.  

The Cloud Masterclass series will enable you to gain confidence in your skills, grow your knowledge, and experience real world discussions on the latest cloud technologies and issues with peers and industry experts. 

Why Should You Join the Six Degrees Cloud Masterclass?

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By leveraging our strategic vendor partnerships your business can operate effectively and securely in the cloud

A Shortcut to the Latest Cloud Knowledge

Time is at a premium in your busy day-to-day role. The Cloud Masterclass education series that offers free half-day seminars to help you maximise the value from a small investment of your time. 

The seminars will be led by cloud experts from Six Degrees, with guest contributions from specialist partners and industry peers. They will cover topics of immediate value and relevance in-role as well as building knowledge and channelling updates on the latest cloud trends and developments. 

There will be Q&A opportunities, so you can deepen your knowledge by questioning leading cloud experts about your burning issues. 

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