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At Six Degrees, We Know Hybrid

People no longer work in a fixed place. They work wherever they need to: at home, on the train, on a supplier’s premises. But wherever they are, one thing hasn’t changed. They still need to work both as individuals and as teams.

At Six Degrees, we get that. We have expertise in hybrid working, enabled by our secure Agile Workspace services. Delivering Unified Communications and End User Compute, we can work with you to create a secure, flexible platform with smarter, faster technology solutions. Your people can be at their very best, anywhere, today and in the future.

You may want your workforce to split their schedule evenly between the office, home and elsewhere, or maybe you would prefer them to have an ad hoc workstyle. Whichever it is, we’ll work with you to make sure you can take advantage of the boundless possibilities that open up for both your organisation and its employees.

Six Reasons to Choose a Six Degrees Agile Workspace

Six Degrees is in an ideal place to enable organisations to overcome their workspace challenges and realise their workspace priorities.

  • Get your Microsoft 365 deployment right, first time. Six Degrees knows Microsoft 365. We’ll make sure to access and configure the right features for you, efficiently and securely.
  • Manage your Microsoft 365 instance securely. Hackers will target your users on a daily basis. Our experts deliver proactive monitoring and alerting to make you aware of any suspicious activity.
  • Make and receive external calls through Teams. Six Degrees has earned the Microsoft Calling for Teams Advanced Specialisation. Don’t know how to setup external calls in Teams? Don’t worry – we do.
  • Manage and secure your device fleet. You’ve never had more devices access your infrastructure. Our Mobile Device Management services give you visibility and control over your entire device fleet.
  • Optimise your meeting experiences. Hybrid meeting rooms and remote meetings can be a bit messy, can’t they? Not with our Microsoft Teams Rooms services that transform your meeting spaces and enable seamless collaboration.
  • Consolidate your technology providers. Six Degrees opens the entire Microsoft portfolio to you, enabling you to rationalise your provider stack and achieve cost and resource efficiencies.

No More Making Do

A couple of years ago, when the world switched to hybrid working, it was enough to make do with what you’d already got. 

But simply making do is no longer enough. 

Hybrid working offers boundless benefits for your organisation: a greater and more diverse talent pool, increased employee retention, reduced operating costs, improved productivity, better accessibility – with hybrid working, the sky’s the limit. 

But these gains don’t just happen overnight. To truly discover the myriad benefits of hybrid working, you need to optimise your hybrid workplace and get the best ROI from your IT strategy investments with cloud-enabled productivity solutions that are ready where you are – and now is the time to do it.

Do you have everything you need to work and collaborate efficiently and securely, wherever you are?

It’s your world, and your workspace.

This is how businesses need to approach the future. We need to think about where our people will be spending time and provide the solutions the need to empower them to work together – physically or virtually.

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