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We enable software providers to harness the cloud and deliver software through SaaS models. In this infographic we take you through key cloud drivers and considerations.

When you deliver your products in a SaaS model, you make it easier for customers to consume them. If you’ve ever had customers become frustrated with up-front payment models and complex software and hardware maintenance requirements, SaaS could be the answer to resolving these frustrations and enhancing customer experience.

However, to deliver a SaaS model successfully requires an evolution in thinking: you will be moving from delivering products to delivering services. Simple in theory, but potentially complicated to get right in practice.

At Six Degrees, we enable leading software providers to harness the cloud and deliver software through SaaS models. In this infographic we’ll take you through key cloud drivers and considerations, and make the case for Six Degrees being the secure cloud partner of choice for software providers.

Let us know which cloud drivers are most relevant to you, and our secure cloud experts will contact you to discuss how you can realise them.

Download the infographic to learn your key cloud drivers and considerations

By leveraging our strategic vendor partnerships your business can operate effectively and securely in the clouds

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