10 Reasons to Strengthen Security with App and Desktop Virtualisation

Regain control and reduce risk without sacrificing business productivity and growth

As organisations we have all had to evolve our operating approaches. With the increased adoption of mobility, flexible working, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, the IT risk profile has changed. New ways of working and collaborating require new approaches to managing risk.

IT leaders face a balancing act: giving people the flexibility they need for optimal business productivity while ensuring the security and compliance required to protect the organisation.

This eBook discusses the use of app and desktop virtualisation to strengthen information security, including:

  • The growing challenge of maintaining information security in today’s evolving professional environment
  • Key advantages of app and desktop virtualisation as an inherently more secure computing architecture
  • The top 10 benefits of using app and desktop virtualisation to strengthen information security

Download the eBook to explore how virtualisation can help your organisation pursue top priorities such as mobility, flexible working and consumerisation while effectively managing risk, securing information, supporting global compliance and strengthening business continuity planning.

Download your Secure Virtual Desktop eBook:

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