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What is Six Degrees Livenumber?
Six Degrees Livenumber is a DR solution for your inbound voice calls: whatever the crisis, your organisation can continue to receive all calls. You can preload, or adjust in real time, up to three DR plans to provide the call rerouting that you need to keep your business up and running.

Why do I need Six Degrees Livenumber?
Livenumber is designed to protect companies that cannot afford to be without a voice network, even for a few minutes. It provides the peace of mind that, in any event, your calls can seamlessly be rerouted to ensure you never miss one. With Livenumber it’s all easy.

How might it be deployed?
Livenumber can be configured on our SIP Trunking, Direct Connect and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offerings. It allows you to reroute all of your calls to different locations or phone numbers if you have, for instance, a failure of your PBX, a fire, flooding, severe weather or other similar incidents that may affect your premises.

How it works
• We’ll transfer your Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers from your existing telephony service provider to our telephony network through the ”porting” process. Porting enables you to change your provider whilst keeping your existing telephone numbers and avoiding the inconvenience of changing them.

• During ”Business as Usual” (BAU) we’ll route all of your calls to your PBX or Call Centre over our SIP Trunking and/or Direct Connect ISDN connections.

• You’ll set-up or upload your DR plans, using our easy-to-use portal; these plans will then be ready for invocation should you need them.

• Once invoked, Livenumber instantly implements one of your three predefined DR scenarios.

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