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Intershop, a leading provider of e-commerce software technology, partnered with Six Degrees to extend its reach to a wider range of customers through new as-a-Service offerings.

By utilising the latest automation techniques, the Six Degrees solutions have cut the deployment time of Intershop’s application to under an hour whilst at the same time giving developers an automated Intershop platform that makes it simpler, cheaper and easier to deploy code and build web shops.

Through simplifying and automating the deployment process Six Degrees have enabled Intershop to offer their e-commerce solution to mid-market retailers, opening a new market that was otherwise limited

E-Commerce on demand

The IT sector is currently going through one of the biggest transitions since the advent of the personal computer thanks to the emergence of technologies such as the cloud, with end-user organisations increasingly demanding their applications to be delivered ‘as-a-Service’.

This is especially prevalent in the retail sector where seasonal demand and the transformation of consumer buying habits, moving away from the high street to online, mean that the cloud is becoming a more cost effective and operationally efficient alternative to buying on-premise applications.


Six Degrees developed a Software-as-a-Service cloud offering based on Intershop technology, allowing you to leverage Intershop’s market-leading technology fast and without upfront investment.

This ‘as-a-Service’ solution delivers full functionality of the latest version of Intershop’s E-commerce Platform, supporting every conceivable channel to reach each and every one of your customers, partners, and suppliers.

Hosted on Six Degrees award-winning Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud environment, Six Degrees has automated the deployment of the Intershop E-Commerce application as well as the underlying infrastructure and database.

As a result, Intershop solutions can be deployed in under an hour.
Additionally, you can scale up and down in a much simpler way than before and, when you add new servers, developers will be certain they’ll be identical to the ones that are already there and the user experience will be the same across the board.


No upfront set-up costs
Increase speed of delivery and reduce time-to-market
An installed instance of Internship, the databases and all underlying infrastructure can be available to your development team within an hour
Focus on your core business and leave the infrastructure to Six Degrees
Fewer demands on your IT resources
Flexible expansion options
Expert technical and operations support to ensure you get the most out of your Software-as-a-Service e-commerce site


“…businesses can accelerate their timeto-market and quickly get down to the business of selling its products and services on the remote platform.” Head of Sales, Internshop UK
As an Intershop Technology Partner we partner with a number of leading Internshop Implementation Partners to ensure you can get the maximum value from your Software-as-a-Service environment.

Through working with a global and local partner community you can rest assured that your Software-as-a-Service solution is designed to meet your needs and support your business.

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