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DIA is your core internet access product that provides Ethernet-based connectivity for organisations that require secure, high-speed, uncontended connectivity to the Internet. It comes as a fully managed, enterprise-grade, low-latency service with options for very high bandwidth, diversity, resilience and firewall security.

Businesses that require ‘always available’ high-speed upload and download capacity should use our DIA with its symmetrical and uncontended connectivity. The service runs on our redundant, resilient and private end-to-end high capacity network, delivering to all global internet destinations.

Why not ask about enabling burst flexibility to further enhance your DIA service? By adding it, you can easily enable greater bandwidth and increase capacity when you need it most. Burstability is an excellent way to deliver a consistent and scalable solution to futureproof your internet service.

When your business has a Cloud or SaaS-based corporate system strategy, a leased line (DIA in particular) is the lifeblood of your enterprise. Your business depends on your connectivity. As more and more corporate systems are being delivered in the Cloud, the connectivity between your users and those applications is key to the performance of your business. Slow or inconsistent internet access will, in turn, slow the responsiveness of your teams and distract them from your core business activities. Six Degrees DIA provides a fast, scalable connection that gives you what you need, when you need it.

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