CYBER CLINIC WEBINAR: Demystifying Zero Trust – What is it and How can it be achieved

What this webinar covers:

In our Cyber Clinic webinar, we discussed Demystifying Zero Trust – What is it and how you can take your first steps to achieve it

Staying up-to-date with evolving cyber threats and defence methods can seem daunting, especially given the depth of terminology and abbreviations even a small amount of online investigation can uncover.

The latest term you may have come across on your online travels is ‘zero-trust’. Everyone from Microsoft to the National Cyber Security Centre is talking about zero-trust, but despite its ubiquity it can be hard to pin down what the term actually means.

Our experts will demystify zero-trust, explaining what it is as a concept and turning it from a meaningless buzzword to a strategy you can apply to protect your organisation.

If you’re keen to begin your organisation’s zero-trust journey but you’re not sure where to start, join Six Degrees and Microsoft to learn more about what will soon become a critical element of your cyber security strategy.


Thomas Cartlidge, Head of Threat Intelligence at Six Degrees
Alastair Cox, Principal Cloud Security Architect
James Graham, Cloud Solution Architect – Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft


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