Cloud Platform & Data

Modernise your data centre and secure your hybrid cloud future.

Secure, cloud-led services are at the heart of everything we do. The latest public, private and hybrid cloud technology is enabling today’s organisation to do amazing things: empowering their people to achieve brilliance in everything they do; bringing services closer to end-users than ever before; and driving success in a world that is becoming increasingly complex, connected and competitive.

Six Degrees’ Cloud Platform & Data services guide organisations across the public and private sectors throughout their digital and cloud transformation journeys. We are totally committed to enabling our clients to host the right workload in the right public, private or hybrid cloud, leveraging the latest and best cloud technology to drive home competitive advantage whilst ensuring security and organisational resilience.

By 2020 Gartner projects 75% of organisations will be affected by skills gaps in infrastructure and operations. We bridge these skills gaps by supporting organisations throughout the design, migration, adoption and support of cloud services. In addition, we offer our clients the ability to reap the benefits of their data by progressing to optimal data platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven analytics. As a long-standing and consistent Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the expertise to move your organisation into the future with confidence.

With our unique cloud-aligned, UK onshore Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) we safeguard you from the latest cyber threats, making us best-placed to secure your cloud future. Partner with Six Degrees and host your mission-critical workloads on award-winning, highly accredited hybrid cloud platforms, always in-line with your operational, sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Damon Crawford, Azure Director

Damon Crawford

Cloud Platform Practice Director

Why Cloud Platform & Data?

Increase user productivity

Maximise productivity by ensuring users receive the highest possible uptime and performance from their applications.

Bring services closer to end-users

Adopt flexible deployment models that allow you to deliver brilliant end-user experiences.

Control and minimise expenditure

Ensure manageable and predictable cloud costs, minimised through continual optimisation activities.

Achieve clarity on your cloud drivers

Understand your cloud drivers and align them to your organisational objectives.

Strategically plan your cloud journey

Develop a structured roadmap from your current infrastructure to your optimal cloud environment.

Mitigate operational risks

Minimise the risk of downtime and data loss, ensuring your cloud transition is as low-impact as possible.

Maximise return on cloud investment

Ensure that every decision is tailored to delivering the best possible return on investment.

Cloud Platform & Data solutions

Hyperscale Public Cloud

Harness the power of Azure hyperscale cloud.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Your cloud, tailored to your unique requirements.

Public Sector Private Cloud

A private cloud built specially for the UK public sector.

How we work with you

Capture and consult

We don't believe that any cloud is 'one size fits all'. We analyse your workloads and help define your cloud strategy, creating a cloud migration plan that will help you achieve optimal performance, cost and security.

Transform and harden

We transition your cloud-ready workloads utilising Six Degrees and cloud industry best-practices, ensuring your cloud adoption minimises risk and enhances security throughout.

Manage and secure

A healthy, performant cloud infrastructure requires constant upkeep. We deliver round-the-clock governance and alerting to maximise uptime whilst keeping your workloads running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Continually optimise

What's right for your workloads on day one may not still be right on day 100. We ensure that your cloud workloads are always running to the highest levels of security, uptime and performance through continual assessment and optimisation.

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