Cyber Clinic Webinar: Working in the ‘New Normal’ – Strategies for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

Cyber Clinic

Although things have moved on drastically since March they have not gone back to how they were, nor are they likely to for the foreseeable future. Organisations are still determining how to bring back parts of their workforce safely, securely and successfully. For many organisations this means employing a hybrid working model, but the complexities of this can be daunting.Dealing with some employees returning to the office, some staying at home and many doing a little of both means designing new processes, procedures and technology fit-outs that have not been implemented before. Adapting your security environment and working practices to suit the fluidity of such movement is crucial and with your security perimeter moving in and out like the tide during this ongoing period of transition, you need to know not simply how to ride the wave safely, but how to harness the power of these new working models to your success.
Join us as we tackle the return:
  • Top 5 Cyber Security Considerations & Concerns for the ‘Return’
  • Managing a Hybrid Working Model – People, Process, Technology
  • Threat Intelligence – Keeping up to date with the latest threat vectors & disruptors
  • How our partners are planning their return to work
Our monthly Cyber Clinic webinars deliver up to the minute cyber security advice and best practice guidance to help your organisation remain secure during this period of uncertainty and beyond.

During the webinar we will break out into small groups to share experiences and better understand how business leaders are navigating at this time.


Paul Rose, CISO, Six Degrees
Paul has more than 25 years’ experience in the cyber security industry operating in several different verticals ranging from local government and central government through to finance and banking. As CISO Paul’s role involves overseeing all aspects of security projects including, security policy, secure architecture design, accreditations and standards compliance.

Thomas Cartlidge, Head of Threat Intelligence, Six Degrees 

Thomas has over 16 years’ experience in the security industry working in both government and private sector organisations. Since joining Six Degrees Thomas has developed and grown the 24-hour Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) to a mature and sustainable capability, combining previous experience to design and deliver cutting edge threat intelligence services.

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