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Six Degrees enables a global law practice to consolidate and future-proof its voice services.

Beyond Cloud.

A global law practice, with operations in more than 30 countries, found that its legacy voice estate was no longer meeting its business requirements. The voice estate was delivered through multiple telephony providers, increasing operating costs and resulting in significant management burden for the practice’s IT function. In addition, the voice estate was based on ISDN – a technology that is set to go end-of-life in the UK in 2025 and with support already in decline amongst carriers.

The global law practice’s IT Director chose to work with Six Degrees following a number of successful transformation journeys undertaken together whilst they were advising, during which Six Degrees demonstrated pedigree in delivering enterprise-grade voice services. Six Degrees could also demonstrate a proven track record of delivering effective voice services to legal firms of a similar scale and stature.

By adopting a proactive approach to its voice services, the practice has been able to prepare for the ISDN switch-off well ahead of time whilst reaping the benefits of a cutting edge SIP-based voice platform. This voice platform aligns closely with the practice’s digital transformation strategy, and will support its go-forward story for years to come.

Global Law Practice

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