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Six Degrees helps a global fashion brand minimise financial loss and damage to brand reputation

Not all cyber-attacks are created equal. In September 2018, CNS Group, a Six Degrees company, was contacted by a global fashion brand that had suffered from a damaging ransomware attack, just as their CCTV systems had gone offline and suspicious individuals attempted to gain access to one of the brand’s warehouses. A rapid response was needed to protect the brand from significant financial, operational and reputational damage.


A global fashion brand, with stores throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, was targeted by cybercriminals in a sophisticated, multi-faceted attack that demonstrates the security risks that today’s retail businesses face.

In the aftermath of the attack, the brand faced two challenges: to protect brand reputation, and to protect against direct financial loss.


The global fashion brand contacted CNS Group on a Saturday morning, as their IT department lacked the resource availability and expertise to deal with the incident. We were able to mobilise our services very quickly, with security specialists deployed to site within 24 hours.


By engaging with CNS Group, the global fashion brand was able to protect its brand reputation and protect against direct financial loss in the short term. Moving forward, our vCISO and penetration testing services help the brand to continually improve its security posture and reduce the chances of a similar cyber-attack affecting them in the future.

Minimising financial loss

Thanks to our CERT services, the brand avoided paying the £250,000 ransom demanded by the cybercriminals whilst regaining access to storage systems and backups.