Six Degrees acts as a cloud enabler, helping public sector organisations carry out their digital transition journeys in a structured manner that minimises risk.

When we engage with organisations throughout the public sector, we often hear a similar story: they know they want to transition to a multi-cloud IT environment, but they don’t have the finances or the risk appetite to take the plunge.

This dilemma may well have a familiar ring to it. The multi-cloud discussion has moved from ‘if’ to ‘when’, and there is increasing pressure on local and central government bodies to deliver better citizen services that could be empowered by today’s multi-cloud infrastructures.

But without significant budgets to play with, and given the potential consequences of a failed ‘big bang’ cloud transition for IT Managers and departments, let alone the citizens they work to support, many public sector organisations find themselves suffering from cloud paralysis.

Is there a way out of this catch-22?

Partner With a Cloud Enabler

At Six Degrees we are working with a number of public sector organisations to help them kick-start their digital transitions. We have the experience, depth of resource, capabilities and presence to help organisations out of their cloud paralysis, empowering them to take progressive decisions that set them on the right path towards the cloud.

Six Degrees has presence alongside Crown Hosting in Ark Data Centres. This allows our clients to collocate some services with Crown Hosting whilst using Six Degrees to provide a multi-cloud hybrid approach for other workloads; hosting the right workload, in the right cloud, at the right time.

Our experienced teams have deep sector-specific knowledge that allows them to provide expert advisory and professional services. We help our clients achieve a springboard to the cloud, taking gradual steps to future-proof their environments whilst introducing functionality that can have a significant effect on the way they deliver citizen services.

Kick-Start Your Digital Transition

If you’re looking to kick-start your digital transition but you’re worried about making the wrong move, talk to us. We will work as your cloud enabler, allowing you to reap the full benefits of the cloud without over-stretching your budget or exposing your organisation to unnecessary risk.

To learn more about how Six Degrees helps organisations embrace multi-cloud, you can get in touch through our website or via email.