Our private cloud provides customers with real Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ability to drive new working models.
Our leading-edge datacentres are purpose-built with one aim in mind – keeping your data as safe as we possibly can.
Our Ethernet-based Internet access and MPLS connectivity suite will give you the speed to remain ahead of the pack.
Unified Comms
Our complete array of voice services covers calls, lines, inbound, SIP and business continuity from one great supplier.

About Six Degrees Group

At Six Degrees Group, we enjoy our contradictions. We’re a fresh new brand but we’ve got a 15 year heritage. We’re a mid-market player but we’ve got the portfolio of a corporate.

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Latest News 13.01.15

Six Degrees Group (6DG), a converged technology infrastructure provider, has today announced that it will continue to educate the public sector on the benefits of Cloud Hosting.

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