Board Presentation Template: Cybersecurity and Threat Management Toolkit

How to get the funding you need to prevent a breach

This Toolkit will provide you with practical shortcuts for a Board meeting, and long-term strategic insights about how to best approach “cyber”. Our goal is to help you better communicate the value of cyber security and improve the Board’s understanding of how it can help your business grow.

This Toolkit includes:

A slide deck template: This ready-made Board presentation will help you figure out how to best communicate your strategic position and improve cyber security investment.
Key question prep: A list of the cyber security questions that you are most likely to receive, and answers that will help you shine.
Our strategic vision: An overview of how we approach cyber security planning, and some tips on how to improve your on-the-ground outcomes once you’ve secured the support of your organisation.

Download your Cyber Security and Threat Management Toolkit

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