Business Continuity Discovery Workshop

The first step to building your business continuity and incident response plan.

Introducing the Business Continuity Discovery Workshop.

The Business Continuity Discovery Workshop is a 90-minute workshop delivered by Six Degrees’ senior Governance, Risk and Compliance experts, who will work with senior stakeholders within your organisation to explore your business continuity and incident response readiness strategies. They will identify key areas that you need to focus on, providing a valuable and thought-provoking session that can help you to strengthen your overall cyber security and resilience posture.

Kickstart conversations around business continuity and incident response readiness.

Complementary Products

At Six Degrees, we have taken a modular approach in developing industry-leading managed services so that we can either help you fill the gaps you might have or manage all aspects of your infrastructure. Here are some additional services you might be interested in that we offer in conjunction with our Business Continuity Discovery Workshop service.


In today’s hostile digital landscape, almost all organisations will benefit from working with a CISO – a senior-level executive who oversees cyber security. However, good CISOs are difficult for most organisations to recruit as a result of high demand, a shortage of talent, evolving skill requirements, and the competitive compensation they command.

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Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

The volume, variety and sophistication of cyber security threats have increased significantly, with organisations under constant threat of data loss and disruption from security breaches. Six Degrees conducts a comprehensive cyber security maturity and benchmarking assessment, delivered and managed in a consultant-led approach that provides you with point-in-time or ongoing visibility into your organisation’s security posture.

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Penetration Testing

Six Degrees’ next generation Penetration Testing services combine the benefits of manual penetration testing with the continual protection of automated vulnerability scanning, layering effective remediation management facilitated by the Six Degrees Risk Profiling Algorithm to ensure organisations maintain a robust, consistent cyber security posture.

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We have serious credentials when it comes to delivering cyber security services.

Cyber security resources for you and your organisation.


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