Supply Chain Security

Nine Questions Your Organisation Should Ask

Supply chain security is critical to keeping hackers at bay. Whether you are assessing your business’ supply chain security, auditing the security of businesses in your supply chain, or you are being asked by a client about your own security posture, make sure your know the key  questions to consider – and the context behind why.

Your business has never been more reliant on supply chains to deliver products and services to your end users. Whether it’s sourcing parts from suppliers or working with logistics firms to transport your products around the world, your supply chain is critical to your operational integrity.

Hackers know this, and will actively target organisations in your supply chain in order to disrupt your operations and gain a foothold into your environment. And even if they don’t target you through your supply chain, any disruptions to your suppliers resulting from a cyber-attack can cause significant collateral damage to you as a result. The average cost of ransomware associated downtime is nearly six times what it was in 2018, and the typical cost of downtime is nearly 50 times greater than the ransom demanded.

Download these nine key questions to ensure you’ve protected your business and mitigated against security risks in your supply chain.

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