Planning For the Future of Cyber Security Today

How remote working changed the cyber-landscape, and how to respond.

It would be an understatement to call 2020 disruptive. Fundamental shifts in how we communicate, collaborate and share information have changed how we work. Cyber security will need to undergo a transformation in order to keep information safe while enabling the flexible and remote access required to succeed.

So we created this report, to highlight the following:

  • A retrospective look back at cyber security and the risk landscape
  • How the industry is responding to the changes we have seen over the past 10 months
  • How to create a new best practice for the future
  • How to build a safer tomorrow

By understanding the opportunities, it’s possible to make the right investments now and justify that spending to build a safer tomorrow. We believe the key to effective and flexible cyber outcomes is a combination of endpoint security and managed services to deliver proactive and reactive defence within an agile framework.

Six Degrees’ Managed Detection and Response is delivered in collaboration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. This combination offers a unified endpoint security platform for preventative protection, post containment investigation, and contextualised response.

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