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Why do I need Cyber Secure Managed Phishing?
Modern phishing emails are sophisticated, comprehensively planned and often able to beat even the most advanced spam filters. They use social engineering to encourage users to click on malicious links and carry out money transfers that cost businesses financial, operational and reputational damage. The most effective way to protect your business from phishing attacks is by educating your users.

What is Six Degrees Capital Support’s Cyber Secure Managed Phishing?
Six Degrees Capital Support can improve user awareness and behavioural response through our Cyber Secure Managed Phishing service. Delivered as a managed service and delivered in partnership with phish’d, Six Degrees Capital

Support will manage all aspects of:
• the delivery of a controlled quarterly phishing attack,
• the collection and correlation of data to support staff education and
• the presentation of information in a concise format

All of the abovementioned items will allow you to track improvement over time. The Cyber Secure Managed Phishing service can be adopted as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger deployment of Six Degrees Capital Support’s managed services and support.

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