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What is Managed Antivirus?
Managed Antivirus is primarily a file antivirus, which means it will not scan emails, monitor network traffic or interfere in any way. Email and network monitoring is best serviced by products which specialise in these areas. Managed Antivirus uses the Vipre Enterprise Antivirus product. It is a managed solution; therefore, all aspects are handled by Six Degrees including updates, management, reporting, monitoring and licence management.

Why do I need Six Degrees Capital Support’s Managed Antivirus?
On average, at least 75,000 new computer viruses are created every single day.1 Protecting your infrastructure then becomes a matter of utmost importance. The table below shows the key features and benefits of Six Degrees Capital Support’s Managed Antivirus:

Features Benefits:
Active Scan - Proactively protects servers, workstations and laptops.
Minimal Performance - Impact Users can keep working as scanning occurs.
Highly Configurable - Policies Lets your business decide what’s most important to you.
Monthly Reporting - Detailed, customised monthly reporting on deployment status keeps you on top of activity.
Easy to Use and Manage - Saving time and money to use it.
No-hassle Licensing - Cost-effective and quick.
Support - Support for most Windows-based Operating Systems (OS).

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