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Why do I need Disk Erasing and Shredding?

When hard disk drives reach the end of their lifecycle, disk erasing and shredding services ensure that those disks do not become a security liability.

What is Six Degrees Disk Erasing?

Six Degrees utilises Disk Eraser, a powerful and compact piece of software that destroys all data on hard disks completely, preventing any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. Disk Eraser is a hard disk drive sanitising tool and partition eraser utility, which is Department of Defence (DoD) 5220.22 M compliant. The write head passes over each sector three times: the first time with zeros (0x00), the second time with 0xFF, and the third time with random characters. There is one final pass to verify random characters by reading.
At the end of the process, a certificate is produced for the client detailing the disk’s make, model, serial number, date, time and if the wipe was successful.

What is Six Degrees Disk Shredding?

Six Degrees’ disk shredding service is carried out by DiskShred. They provide a robust onsite shredding service which handles a multitude of media types. Like Disk Erasing, a certificate of destruction is provided, detailing the make, model and the serial number of the disk, and the date and time of destruction.

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