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What is a 6DG Ten Day Security Health Check?
The purpose of this 10 day health check is to review the technical aspects of a company’s infrastructure, focusing on the network perimeter of the main office.
As part of reviewing the company’s office environment, 6DG will check internal file and baseline security with a vulnerability scan. In conducting the 10 day health check of your company’s infrastructure, 6DG will look for security vulnerabilities and provide a list of recommendations.
These recommendations can then be prioritised in a risk treatment plan.

A 10 Day Security Health Check provides assurance that:
• The company’s network architecture is secure from cyber-attack;
• A potentially malicious user, such as a rogue employee, cannot access data they do not have authorisation to access;
• Appropriate access controls are in place between users. For example, users cannot escalate privileges and, therefore, gain access to unauthorised areas of the network.

How it works:
• First, 6DG’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will clearly define the health check’s scope, including the location, the network topology and the organisation structure (including roles and responsibilities), along with details of systems, applications, and websites. Next our technical consultant(s) will introduce themselves to your company.
• Over four days, the CISO will be onsite and engage with your business to identify security risks and produce a comprehensive report. The meetings with staff will be to identify the weaknesses and the report will be formulated from the findings from the ISO 27001 controls. Multiple checks will be done on the infrastructure for your company: a Network Health Check, an Infrastructure Health Check, and an Information Risk Management Assessment.
• A formal debrief session will be organised in order for 6DG to handover the findings of the 10 Day Security Health Check to your company. It will contain a clear explanation of the key issues identified and steps required to remedy those issues and, thus, lower those risks. There will also be a management summary detailing high level commentary of the identified vulnerabilities and risks.
• Your company will have access to 6DG’s consultants following the engagement. Should you have plans to implement new features, fixes or any other relevant issues, no problem; 6DG will provide high-level advice within a reasonable time frame when you ask us to help.

Why do I Need a Health Check?
As with all cybersecurity risks, the threat becomes even greater as technology advances and cybercrimnals find new ways of exploiting technology.

How is the 10 Day Health Check different from the 3 Day Health Check?
Both our 3 Day and our 10 Day Health Checks cover the same areas to highlight your organisation’s risks. The only difference is that the 10 Day is more of a deep dive, offering more depth and detail to help your organisation know where you stand.

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