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Why Do I Need Cyber Secure SIEM?
Your environment will most likely log thousands of events every day. It’s unrealistic to expect each one to be carefully examined for potential threats and pattern analysis by a function within your business. This is where Cyber Secure SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) really comes into its own: Cyber Secure SIEM delivers granular analysis and alerts of threats across your entire IT estate.

What is Cyber Secure SIEM?
Six Degrees partners with a specialist security provider, AlienVault, who maintain a fully staffed 24x7 Security Operations Centre (SOC). The SIEM service sends data logs from the firewall to the SOC, where granular analysis is performed by trained security professionals. Alerts are triggered in the event of any potential threats being identified, and these can then be acted upon.

How it works?
Should a cybercriminal wish to steal your intellectual property or damage your business, they will already have many barriers to overcome. These include the physical security of your building, gaining access to your PC remotely, or being able to hack or guess passwords. A security breach will often occur after a series of apparently unconnected events combine to become the crime. Trawling through separate events from devices, often thousands per minute, is time consuming and cumbersome. To solve this problem for you, 6DG has engaged with a leading provider of unified threat management, AlienVault, to deliver a hosted service which delivers correlation, alerting and security event notification and remediation 24x7. It is this human element of the service, an intelligent analysis of logs, which complements the automated analysis layer provided through the Protect and Detect service. This added value is what makes SIEM such a strong proposition for businesses that are seeking to enhance their security.

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