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Why do I need Cloud on Demand?
Flexibility is key in modern business. Cloud on Demand allows your business to run smoothly at all times, whether you need bursting capability or simply more compute resource or storage space. It’s easy to get set up and, more importantly, Cloud on Demand seamlessly integrates with other 6DG solutions such as Backup, Disaster Recovery, Network Access or Unified Communications. Cloud on Demand is also cost effective; you get the amazing strength of an enterprise-grade environment without the in-house cost of scaling your staff or equipment.

What is 6DG Cloud on Demand?
6DG Cloud on Demand is a fully resilient, virtual data centre. It allows you to control your storage and compute environment without the hassle of having to build and manage your own platform, as we will do it for you whilst providing instant support 24x7. If you want more computing resources, our off-the-shelf multi-tenant service provides the most cost-effective solution, ready to run from day one. Or if you need extra security or higher performance, our single-tenant option gives you a cloud service which is customised to your exacting needs. Our services connect your virtual machines securely to the Internet or to your Six Degrees private network services, or both.

The best part of 6DG Cloud on Demand is that we give you instant burstability. You can scale upwards and outwards whenever you need to. And, again, you only pay for what you use.

All of our hosting and cloud services are supported by a suite of modules that provide additional functionality and incremental security/backup features to augment Cloud on Demand. Our passionate technical staff can help you get more out of your cloud environment with a flexible solutions approach that adapts to changing business processes and strategies.

How might it be deployed?
Cloud on Demand is delivered on resilient platforms in our state-of-the-art Tier III aligned data centres with connectivity options to your corporate network. You can use our multi-tenant or single-tenant services or both.

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