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Backup as a Service

What is Backup as a Service?
Six Degrees Group Backup as a Service (BaaS) helps ensure that all of your mission-critical business data is backed up and ready to be restored in the event of an accident, outage or disaster.

Why do I need a BaaS solution?
Data usage is growing, and with it the necessity to ensure that business critical data is backed up in line with the requirements of the organisation. Building off-site data centres is expensive, operationally intensive and a long-term investment. BaaS is designed to give you an off-site backup solution, a cost effective backup strategy, and resource when you need it. Backup forms an integral part of your Business Continuity process. A secure, compliant, scalable backup solution enables you to react to the challenging demands of data protection.

Source data sits in your data centre. Using enterprise grade, self-management tools, you can select what and how frequently you would like to backup, in addition to indicating how long you would like to keep that data for restoration purposes. This encrypted data can then be sent by courier and imported into our cloud platforms to significantly reduce the time taken to protect your business.

Process & Security
Once configured, our tools will continuously protect your data in line with the rules outlined in the initial configuration. Data will be compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted prior to being sent over an IP connection to ensure efficient use of bandwidth and secure transfer of sensitive information. All data is encrypted using industry standard AES 256bit encryption - both prior to transfer, whilst in flight, and at rest. Secure key technology ensures that only the right people, who you define, are granted access.

Recovery & Data Protection
Using the same methods to configure the protection of your data, recovery processes can be invoked. BaaS includes advanced data protection methods that can be tailored to your business requirements. Database backup, e-mail backup, and alerting and monitoring can all be put into action to ensure that your applications are protected using the correct methods.

We use 2 layers of storage. Our primary storage is our first level of managed backup; your data is transferred here from your data centre(s) before being sent to one of our secondary zones. We use a secondary storage environment to ”backup the backup”. This is done from a
second cloud backup zone in a geographically diverse data centre. In the event of a zone 1 site outage or a hardware failure, we are able to restore either services or data from zone 2.

Long-term Archive
Archiving is an important part of a managed backup service. After a pre-programmed number of days, the data moves into the long-term archive, at which point the snapshot is frozen; the data will no longer be overwritten and the price of the service is reduced. Finally, after a predetermined amount of time, the data is destroyed permanently. We use a triple-pass data sanitisation methodology that ensures that the data can never be restored. If requested, we can provide ”certification of destruction” documentation for audit trail or regulatory purposes.

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  • An RTO determines how quickly you expect full compute resources to be restored.
  • An RTO of 4 hours is standard practice, though 1 hour recovery, or ‘live/live’ real-time restore, can be achieved.
  • The agreed RTO is aligned with the RPO to provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for full Disaster Recovery.
  • A 24 hour RPO and 4 hour RTO would drive a 4 hour restoration of compute services and data no more than 24 hours old.