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Six Degrees delivers private cloud hosting, managed services and support for the SQL-based business-critical ERP, CRM and finance applications used by mid-market organisations. These organisations trust Six Degrees to guarantee the uptime — and maximise the performance - of their mission-critical applications, upon which their reputations, revenues and profits depend. We monitor and measure application performance alongside the user experience 24x7, all while guaranteeing uptime as high as >99.95%. Critically, we guarantee application uptime (not just operating system availability) and provide our comprehensive risk management services as part of our standard, SLA-bound private cloud solution. Furthermore, the solution is supported by the highest levels of personal, responsive service.

Six Degrees' private cloud is a total solution that includes:
• Provision and expert support of the infrastructure and technology platforms/software required to run business-critical applications
• Comprehensive Risk Management Services, including 24x7 application transaction monitoring
• Proactive communication with the client’s application implementation specialists to maintain optimised application performance.

Who do we host business-critical applications for?
Our private cloud hosting and managed services clients span numerous sectors including industries dealing with complex operations and supply chain management, for whom an ERP system is essential to the running of their day-to-day business. The vertical markets we’ve helped include retail, manufacturing, leisure and entertainment, building services and non-profits. We work on-premise or off-premise, with a client’s IT team or independently, to deliver the optimum solution for your business.

Guarantee application uptime and monitor the user experience
With the private cloud solution from Six Degrees, you can do both at no extra cost.
Ask for the assurance of guaranteed application uptime from other Cloud providers and costs can quickly skyrocket as extras get added. By contrast, Six Degrees guarantees application uptime as part of our comprehensive premium solution that delivers exceptional business value.
We also monitor application performance 24x7 from the user’s perspective using Synthetic Transaction Monitoring. But that’s not all. We monitor both performance and security metrics and logs to ensure that your business and your users enjoy maximised application health and performance. Again, we do all of this as standard.
It’s the total Six Degrees solution which allows clients to focus on their core business, and enables them to drive revenue, service and competitive advantage using their business-critical applications.

State-of-the art infrastructure and much more
Six Degrees' offering uses four purpose-built, state-of-the-art Tier III data centres, where teams of highly qualified in-house engineers ensure our clients’ data is kept supremely safe and secure 24x7x365.
As an ISO 27001:2013, IL3 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited company, and as a G-Cloud 10 accredited supplier, we ensure that our clients’ business-critical applications meet compliance regulations and work on time, all the time. In addition, Six Degrees' is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in two competencies: Data Platform and Hosting, and a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner in Cloud Platform.

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