Is your voice platform experiencing performance issues that you can’t pinpoint? Do you have a new voice platform that you will be introducing into service? Are you adding more users to your existing platform? If the answer to any of these questions is yes – you have come to the right place!

Six Degrees’ Livetest is a solution designed to load test your SIP platform which could be a PBX, gateway or session border controller (SBC) to validate whether it has the capability to process and connect calls up to a specified maximum call concurrency and calls per second rate (CPS).

Livetest is designed to validate your SIP platform’s performance under load and its capability to process and connect calls successfully. This could be a new platform that hasn’t previously been load tested, a platform that’s expected to handle more users and traffic in the near future, to assist debugging a known problematic SIP platform, or to eliminate a platform’s performance from a fault investigation – thus providing confidence that the SIP platform in question is fit for its intended purpose.

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