Change in support contact details and processes

Six Degrees is delighted to announce that we have upgraded our Service Management Capabilities to provide an improved customer experience in terms of response times, transparency of process and enhanced communications. These improvements are aligned with our overall goal of implementing an industry leading, ITIL-aligned support capability. As part of this upgrade, we are utilising ServiceNow, a world-class cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) solution.

What are we delivering?

We are delivering an enhanced service management capability, aligned to industry standard support methodologies (ITIL). An integral part of our solution will be ServiceNow, an ITSM system that is rated by independent analysts such as Gartner as being the leading product in the industry.

What is the scope of the project?

• Incident & Problem Management: all support tickets relating to outages and incidents, will be managed in a single place along with associated SLAs.

• Request Management: all technical changes and queries managed with associated SLAs.

• Configuration Management: the CMDB will allow us to map out each individual customer configuration as well as the Six Degrees assets that power those services to help with diagnostics.

• Orchestration & Automation:a single orchestration tool with self-service automation (e.g. for cloud services) allowing customers to manage their own environments.

• MIS & Reporting:a rich reporting suite, e.g. SLA adherence, service availability,  resolve times, close times, customer satisfaction ratings, etc. available to both Six Degrees staff and customers.

• Customer Portal: a single interface point for all ServiceNow capabilities, as they are rolled out, and to other Six Degrees systems that will allow customers to access all of the above.

What are we deploying first?

We are deploying Incident management (i.e. faults), request management (i.e. technical queries and changes) and a new customer portal.

What does this mean?

Your support contacts (email and telephone numbers) have now been streamlined to ensure your incidents, technical queries and requests will be created and managed in our new service management platform ServiceNow and our customer portal.

When is it happening?

The rollout of the new system and process will begin the week commencing 11th May.  We will roll out to customers in a phased approach; therefore during the 2 weeks following the 11th you will receive formal notification of your go-live, along with details of the new support contacts and portal logons.  You do not need to change anything until you receive this formal communication which will be clearly marked as such.

How do I get access to the new portal?

Registration for the new portal is now open. Please click here to Register. It is important to have your account number/s with you when you register, this will expedite the process of creating your user account.  Any new registration requests will need to be authorised by the administrator within your organisation. This may take a few days; we will get back to you when this has been completed.

Can I still raise incidents via email and/or phone?

Yes. We want you to be able to communicate with us in the manner that suits you best.  We will be changing your contact  email addresses and telephone numbers to ensure your incidents and requests come directly into the right team.  (LINK)

Why are we doing this?

These changes will enable us to be more effective at providing support with respect to your incidents and requests, efficiently directing problems to our engineering and support staff, therefore improving our overall responsiveness and communication.

It’s an exciting time for Six Degrees as this is the first phase of transforming our support capability as part of a range of measures to improve your overall support experience from us. The combination of our teams and our new Service Management platform will allow us to continuously improve the way Six Degrees interacts with you, meaning that you receive the best possible support service from us.

Look out for further notifications in the coming months as we roll out enhancements that will allow us to continue to improve our service experience.