Managed Detection and Response

Managed endpoint protection that keeps your
organisation safe 24×7.

Beyond Cloud.

  • Identify and address cyber threats - fast
  • Protect users no matter where they work
  • Address skills and resource gaps
  • Relieve management burden
  • Enhance your cyber security maturity

Industry-Leading Endpoint Protection Delivered as a Service

Managed Detection and Response is a fully-managed endpoint protection service that keeps your organisation safe 24×7. Our experienced cyber security experts harness the power of Microsoft’s industry-leading Defender for Endpoint security solution to deliver:

  • 24×7 real-time alert management, detection and rapid response
  • Comprehensive protection throughout your infrastructure – right down to the endpoint
  • Trended reporting to quantify the risks that have been contained
  • Bespoke deployment, configuration and management to maximise your protection
  • Industry-specific expertise that elevates your cyber security to the next level

Stay Safe in Today’s Hostile Digital Landscape

When your users are distributed outside your office, your organisation’s exposure to data breach increases. Managed Detection and Response enables you to:

  • Mitigate the cyber security risks of maintaining a remote workforce
  • Reduce hackers’ ability to expand cyber-attacks across your infrastructure
  • Minimise the risk of data breach resulting in financial, operational and reputational damage
  • Maintain operational resiliency, backed up by an industry-leading fully managed service

Resolving Your Cyber Security Challenges

Your Cyber Security Challenges Managed Detection and Response
“How do we ensure we deal with cyber-attacks quickly and effectively, round-the-clock?”
True 24x7 service managed by security experts working from a UK onshore cyber security operations centre.
“How do we identify the threats that exist amongst thousands of daily alerts?”
Cyber security trend analysis enables us to zero in on what matters and ignore what doesn’t.
“How do we ensure threats are dealt with fully when we lack time and expertise in-house?”
Full incident analysis with actionable remediation guidance, delivered by some of the best cyber security professionals in the industry.
“How do we ensure the correct levels of controls are in place to protect the needs of the organisation and its assets?”
Insight and advice tailored to your organisation, giving your IT team the tools they need to maintain a secure and stable IT environment.

Managed Detection and Response

Cyber security not your focus? Don’t worry, it’s ours. Six Degrees has the skills and resources to relieve your operational challenges and adjust your security posture to manage the cyber-threats your face. We will deliver cyber incident management, prevention and analysis – right down to the endpoint.

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