Distributed Denial of service

Distributed Denial of service

Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) is the means for which a perpetrator attempts to make a server or network resource unavailable to its intended users. This can also be considered as a cyber-attack against an organisation. Attempted attacks aim to overwhelm web services by using distributed sources to request more connections than your web servers can handle, this is called a volumetric attack. Such an attack will render your online services as offline as a genuine user would not be able to gain a connection whilst an attack is in progress. These attacks are usually malicious with the aim to cause a financial loss to an organisation, to damage its reputation, or to prevent a service being provided to the public. All organisations with an online service without a DDoS mitigation are at risk of such attacks. Highly available network architecture can still fail without sufficient protection.

For most IT managers, ensuring business as usual as well as security is their number one priority. Most are already benefiting from the use of a resilient and secure Cloud which offers the ability to scale the application to accommodate for increases in traffic and have their data in secure data centres, therefore DDoS protection service is an excellent addition to complement their existing infrastructure.

The Carrenza DDoS protection service is provided by Level 3, one of the largest global network providers, with multiple scrubbing centers distributed globally (Including the UK) with an overall scrubbing capacity of over 4.5 TBPS. The DDoS protection service has low latency and is completely transparent to the end user, which requires no in house expertise whilst providing peace of mind and protection.


  • Layer 3/4 volumetric mitigation
  • Pricing based on network through put per 100mb
  • An automated and secure security layer.
  • A comprehensive security service from one of the largest global providers
  • UK primary scrubbing
  • EU / Global redundancy
  • Carrenza service desk integration
  • Low-latency


  • No incremental changes to your existing services
  • Quick & non disruptive setup
  • Consumed ‘as a service’ with no additional training required
  • Taking control of your cyber security and mitigating risk to your organisation

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