PCI DSS Level 1 accredited payment solution is fully hosted, highly secure and offers 24 x 7 support

London U.K., 20th February 2018 — Six Degrees, an international managed cloud service provider and Ultracomms, a leading PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) Level 1 accredited service provider, today announces a new partnership to deliver a fully hosted, secure payment solution. Through this partnership, Six Degrees and Ultracomms offer PaySure, a new solution that can be seamlessly deployed within the telephony network to provide complete payment security and remove the contact centre from the scope of PCI DSS controls.

Available from March 2018, the new PaySure solution solves the efficiency, reliability and compliance-related issues caused by ineffective processes and solutions currently used by organisations. PaySure provides a more positive customer experience and decreases risk to the consumer and the organisation.

Six Degrees delivers digital transformation and workplace productivity by managing complex migrations and underpinning local IT while recognising regulation and compliance concerns. Ultracomms is a leading provider of PCI DSS Level 1 certified, omni-channel contact centre solutions, designed to simplify compliance processes, maximise contact centre performance, and deliver enhanced customer experience.

The Financial Fraud Action UK reported that from 2011 to 2016 fraud losses on UK issued cards increased by 81%1. For any business that takes card payments over the phone, PaySure utilises dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) masking, allowing customers to enter their payment card numbers directly and discreetly into their telephone keypad without being heard or seen by agents. The payment card information is sent directly to the payment provider without any risk that the details ever enter the contact centre ecosystem, ensuring PCI DSS and other regulatory demands are met. Furthermore, because the customer is never put on hold or transferred to an IVR with our solution, agents retain the ability to deliver an enhanced customer experience throughout the transaction process, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the number of abandoned payment transactions.

As a fully managed and resilient cloud-based solution, it is simple to roll out, highly secure and highly available. The proactive support offered by Six Degrees, including a 24×7 helpdesk, allows the customer to achieve compliance without compromising on efficiency. The solution integrates with all payment service providers (PSPs), and is carrier and CRM system agnostic.

“Working with Ultracomms, a PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider, means we will be able to give our customers the confidence that their business is constantly meeting high regulatory demands, enabling them to focus on the customer experience,” explained David Bennett, Senior Product Manager – Security and Managed Services,  at Six Degrees. “The solution has been designed to complement existing compliance infrastructures, making it a seamless process for businesses under pressure to comply while meeting strong business objectives.”

Derwyn Jones, CEO at Ultracomms, said: “Having provided secure payment handling services for clients since 2007, we are all too aware of the challenges faced by organisations that handle card payments over the phone. This partnership comes at a time when card data breaches, fraud and theft are becoming more sophisticated and companies can face significant fines, not to mention the long-lasting damage to an organisation’s reputation that would result. We are delighted to be working with Six Degrees and feel that our secure payment solution addresses the challenges many businesses face in their bid protect their customers, deliver consistent customer experience, and meet PCI DSS guidelines.”



  1. Fraud the facts 2017, Financial Fraud Action UK


About Six Degrees

Six Degrees is an international managed cloud service provider, offering business and digital transformation, workplace productivity and compliance solutions. We are experts in delivering solutions to industry verticals such as Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, Legal, Public sector and more. Six Degrees’ application performance management is underpinned by its own data centres, data network and voice switching infrastructure. For more information, visit www.6dg.co.uk.

About Ultracomms

Ultracomms is a leading provider of PCI DSS level 1 certified secure payment handling and omni-channel customer contact management solutions to contact centres. Our advanced customer interaction and secure payment solutions are designed to help clients maximise contact centre performance, improve customer experience, simplify compliance process and reduce organisational risk. For more information, visit www.ultracomms.com.