Six Degrees SIP trunking is designed to cost effectively and reliably connect your PBX or telephony system to the PSTN using our best of breed carrier-grade voice platform which we own and operate.

We have a comprehensive stock of UK geographical and non-geographical numbers so you can choose the phone numbers which work best for your business. In addition, we offer number portability so, if you’d prefer, you can bring numbers with you from a pre-existing provider. If you happen to want or need international breadth, we also offer international numbering.

We offer a variety of SIP trunking solutions to fit individual customer needs, based upon budgetary, security and resilience requirements. Our SIP trunks are available on the Six Degrees network and are also accessible via the Virtual 1 SIP exchange, or the public internet.

We specialise in helping customers transition from legacy ISDN services to SIP. This offers cost savings for most organisations and a greater degree of flexibility. We guide customers though this journey to ensure their businesses are future-proofed and can benefit from the improvements that SIP provides over legacy services.

Also, if you’re using Microsoft Lync, Skype or Teams, Six Degrees’ SIP trunks are compatible with these services, making your voice system integrated with other tools you use. We also support inter-working with Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, Panasonic or other platforms.

Please contact the Six Degrees sales team to find out more.