In March 2016, three 6DG employees, Meg, Mike and Alan, went on a WeSeeHope supporter trip to Malawi. They visited some WeSeeHope beneficiaries and below is one of their stories from the trip…



In Malawi, parents and guardians have to pay for their children to go to a pre-school so many living in poverty are unable to access this critical stage of schooling. In remote and rural areas of the country, there is also very little pre-school education infrastructure in place so young children miss out on these early development opportunities.

WeSeeHope help to build and establish community-run pre-schools, giving thousands of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi access to education. The charity trains local volunteer teachers to run the schools and provides play and educational materials, as well as creating food gardens to help feed the children and generate a profit for the school.

Pre-schools give these children a safe place to learn and play while their parents/guardians go out and work, and they are a critical part of WeSeeHope’s amazing work.