WeSeeHope’s community-run Kids’ Clubs are designed to protect vulnerable children by equipping them with essential life skills and support. They encourage the involvement of the whole community. On their trip to Malawi in March, Alan, Mike and Meg visited several Kids’ Clubs and were lucky to meet some of the generous volunteers who run them, give children the vital support they need, and even inspire them to become leaders within their communities themselves.



WeSeeHope and their local partners provide emotional and social support to thousands of orphans and vulnerable children through their Kids’ Clubs. Community volunteers are trained in how to care for vulnerable children, build their self-esteem, develop their life skills, and teach them about child rights and responsibilities. They identify children who are in need of specialist care and carry out home visits to monitor their progress. They provide a safe place where children can make friends, play and learn without fear of stigma, exploitation or other abuse. The children are empowered to become advocates for child rights and pass on their knowledge, not just to their peers, but also the wider community. This helps children to understand when they need to ask for help, and who to go to, and also raises awareness among adults about child protection issues and appropriate action to keep children safe.