Carrenza, as part of the Six Degrees, is pleased to announce its attendance at this year’s Local Government Strategy Forum at Hinckley Island Hotel on the 7th and 8th of November 2017.

Matthew McGrory, Managing Director at Carrenza will be presenting on the first day of the forum to an audience of carefully selected C-suite executives and directors in local government.

The event provides pioneering views on the existing and forthcoming challenges in the sector, with discussions focused on tangible solutions to these development areas. It’s a great opportunity to gain critical insight, initiate new contacts and share understanding with other key decision makers and experts.

What to expect from Matthew McGrory, Managing Director at Carrenza at this event.

Presentation title: Springboard to the cloud

Many public sector organisations are running large legacy estates, often as part of a large outsource via a prime contractor, which will take years to change. Unpicking the myriad of systems interwoven over the years isn’t easy. Starting again and building platforms from scratch sounds great but it is both time-consuming and expensive. From a people perspective, the re-training of staff takes time, contractors are becoming scarce because of IR35, and competition from the private sector means hiring new people already trained is becoming unaffordable.

In this presentation Matt will discuss how Carrenza supports legacy workloads that are not yet ready for digital transformation or hyper-scale cloud providers and how local government can leverage the benefits of the cloud now, enabling transformation at their own speed.

Please, visit Matt’s blog on a ‘Walkthrough Carranza’s Digital Transformation Process’ to find out more on Carrenza Springboard process.

To attend this event, or to arrange a one to one with Andrew Mellish our Public Sector Manager or hear Matt’s talk, visit the Local Government Strategy Forum website.