The rise of cloud culture

The idea that IT leaders and their teams should pay attention to broader issues outside of their direct remit has been on the agenda of many businesses for years.

IT should play a much greater role, it has been argued, than its traditional speciality of ‘keeping the technology lights on’.  But for many, the scope to achieve greater levels of integration has been limited, not least by the need to control IT investment and drive down costs.

Now, the rapid adoption of cloud is driving a change in how organisations see IT supporting their business as a whole.  A year ago, this meant the emergence of ‘cloud people’, where organisations were increasingly shaping their IT teams with cloud front of mind.  At the time, that was an emerging concept, yet just a year later we are seeing the growth of a broader ‘cloud culture’, whose influence is going far beyond tech teams and right into the boardroom.

Original source: CloudTech

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