The Golden Quarter: tech performance isn’t the only challenge for online retail

Online retail is growing

In December 2015 UK retailers experienced an 8.2% increase in online sales compared to that of December 2014. This equates to a total of £44.8 billion spent in December 2015 alone. It is no wonder then, with retail events such as Black-Friday and Cyber Monday taking place in the run up to Christmas that this time of year has become known as the ‘Golden Quarter’.

Online spending is a key part of the Golden Quarter, with flash sales, online exclusives and free delivery encouraging customers to spend around the clock from the comfort of their own homes. Retailers are quick to exploit this targeted, burstable demand, yet every year some are caught out and lose revenue when their websites cannot cope with the increase in traffic and consequently crash.

But this is not just a tech issue – a lack of communication across departments is causing retailers to trip-up over the same problems year-on-year. An integrated approach is needed if businesses are to succeed in this year’s Golden Quarter.

Original source: InformationAge.

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