How to prepare for Black Friday

How to prepare for Black Friday from downtime to security.

Each year we see websites crash due to the influx of requests.

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Phil Barden, senior business development director at Six Degrees, believes technology is the driving force to overcome these challenges. Barden explains, As with most other industries, technology has become a driving force in the success of retailers, but with this dependency can come the opportunity for unplanned disruptions on websites and apps where shoppers now prefer to do most of their purchasing. This shift in focus to online shopping puts the spotlight on IT departments to provide reliable, secure platforms and infrastructure to not only support business goals but also ensure customers can complete purchases at any time of the day or night. This need for constant availability is greatly magnified during the holiday shopping season that kicks off with Black Friday. In a recent survey, conducted by Martec International, more than 90 percent of retailers stated that loss of sales or inability to trade are the biggest business risks in the event of critical application failure or downtime. This focus has made IT teams a critical part of the plans that retailers make in preparing for the holiday shopping season. One way that retailers can minimise the risk of downtime impacting their year ending sales is by leaning on managed service providers to deliver the flexibility, scalability and agility that online sales platforms require to manage sudden bursts of activity. A service provider can also be on hand to provide expert support to prevent downtime from impacting business revenues, which could prove to be crippling during the busiest time of the year.

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