WEBINAR: Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities – What Is Your Cybersecurity Maturity Score?

Cybercrime is on the rise. Calculate your Cybersecurity Maturity Score.

As organisations we operate in an increasingly connected world. This brings with it many opportunities and efficiencies but also opens firms up to new threats. Cybercrime has seen significant growth over recent years, in tandem with the continual advancements we see in technology. The threat of cyber-attack is ever-present as organisations further embrace technology, deploy more mobile devices, and adopt an ‘anywhere, anytime’ way of working.

Whilst some industry sectors remain at a higher risk than others, recent media headlines have highlighted that every industry sector is at risk regardless of size, location or systems. For the law, it is a sector known to hold sensitive client information, handle significant funds and are a key enabler in commercial and business transactions – a likely target of valuable information for cyber-attacks, Our experts have applied their decades of security compliance expertise to develop a web-based scorecard, that we call Aegis, to help you to navigate this complex security landscape and mitigate the risks to your business.


Register for our webinar to find out how you can discover your Cybersecurity Maturity score and use this to:

  • Demonstrate the ROI of cybersecurity spend
  • Prioritise future cybersecurity investment for the greatest risk reduction
  • Highlight the greatest areas of cybersecurity risk for immediate action
  • Identify the greatest internal and external threats to your organisation
  • Reduce overall cybersecurity spend over a three-year period