It is no secret that data centres can be both energy and emissions intensive; they are estimated to use approximately three per cent of the global electricity supply and create about two per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, the same carbon footprint as the airline industry. As data centre growth shows no sign of slowing down, experts have warned that globally, data centre energy consumption will treble in the next decade.

The demand for data centres is being driven by the huge increase in data growth. Billions of constantly connected users, running millions of apps, are creating new data 24/7/365. The exponential growth in data is consuming vast amounts of storage space; indeed IDC estimates that 1.8 zettabytes of digital data will exist by 2020 (a zettabyte is 2 to the 70th power bytes, or around a billion terabytes).

With this kind of growth it is essential that data centres become more energy efficient to ensure energy usage doesn’t rise too drastically, cost customers more, increase the burden on the national grid, and ultimately the planet.

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