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Cintra’s HR & Payroll data is secure

Cintra is a multi award-winning provider of HR and Payroll services, priding itself on delivering true flexibility in its solutions ‘from recruitment to retirement’. Whether customers require an in-house or hosted HR or Payroll solution, a fully outsourced bureau, or one of Cintra’s hybrid solutions, they are always provided with a tailor-made service; one to suit their needs, allowing them to outsource or retain in-house whichever HR or Payroll functions they desire.

With the launch of Cintra iQ – a fully integrated HR and Payroll solution – Cintra needed a new hosting provider with full disaster recovery that would be more effective than an on-premise solution.


Cintra wanted to increase the flexibility of choice within their services without the burden of an upturn in cost. Hosting Cintra iQ on-premise proved to be very expensive so they needed to look for other viable options.

Carsten Staehr, CEO of Cintra, explains: “We needed a solution that was cost effective and flexible but more importantly one that could tick all the boxes in relation to compliance, data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity. Payroll and HR data is highly sensitive, so these issues are of paramount importance to us and our clients. Another key factor in our decision was the guarantee that the solution was, and always would be, hosted in the UK.”

Carsten Staehr CEO

Meet the client



Cintra sought Six Degrees' expert advice on an alternative way to host Cintra iQ.

Staehr comments, “We have a long-standing relationship with 6DG, who initially provided our disaster recovery solution. With our launch of Cintra iQ SaaS, we conducted thorough and in-depth research into the optimum hosting solution and they offered a fantastic solution that had everything we were looking for.”

Cintra and 6DG decided that hosting Cintra iQ in the cloud would provide customers with improved mix and match capabilities, as a cloud-based solution would allow simultaneous log-in to one centralised platform. Six Degrees, therefore, hosts Cintra iQ in a centralised cloud platform, providing both Cintra and its clients a SaaS application with 24/7/365 accessibility. Also, a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan was put in place for a fraction of the cost of Cintra’s previous on-premise solution.

Staehr continues, “Business continuity is always a key concern for us as missing just one payslip could prove hugely detrimental to our business. It is therefore imperative that our IT systems are up and running as close to 100% of the time as possible. Whereas previously a system failure could mean it was many hours before we were back up and running, hosting Cintra iQ in the cloud with 6DG means we can be back up again within a significantly shorter time period.”


Six Degrees' cloud solution ensures all of Cintra’s clients’ data is safe and secure.

Staehr explains, “Dealing with the kind of sensitive data we do on a daily basis requires our clients to put a great deal of trust in us, and therefore by implication, our suppliers must also be entirely reliable. Our customers are given their own access server to our environment and are connected via a secure VPN connection and benefit from Six Degrees' technical support, giving them peace of mind. We are completely confident in Six Degrees to host Cintra iQ, as with their expertise and experience of the industry come the desired credentials and accreditations. They are our trusted advisors in the development of our SaaS based products.”


“Working with Six Degrees was an easy choice for us as our experience had proven they would work with us as a valued partner, rather than just a provider,” concludes Staehr.