Springboard to the Cloud Infographic

Springboard to the Cloud Infographic Featured Image

Springboard to the Cloud Infographic Today’s organisations recognise the massive potential of cloud to achieve di­fferentiation and growth. However, cloud is complex, and we are all operating in an increasingly hostile digital landscape. Whatever your organisation’s cloud maturity, Six Degrees will enable you to reach your desired mature and optimised end state. In this infographic, … Read more

Could You Survive a DDoS Attack?

DDoS attack

To say that online infrastructure matters to businesses right now would be an understatement. At the start of 2021, almost every organisation has mission-critical applications in the cloud. Social distancing contributed to an astounding 50% increase in internet traffic over the course of the past year, and remote working is certainly part of that expansion.    … Read more

How to Deploy a MDM Security Policy: Mobile Device Management Simplified

Mobile Device Security

Cyber security has become increasingly difficult to manage. Even when employees worked from one secure network, cyber was a challenge for many. Now, we’re facing a reality where 67% of employees use personal mobile devices to access sensitive workplace data on the go, whether they’re supposed to or not. Worse, up to 51% of organisations … Read more

The Six Degrees Approach to Cyber Security

2020 was a cyber security wake up call for a lot of organisations. Attempting to provide secure remote access and device flexibility quickly exposed the flaws with legacy and on-premises security systems. Moreover, the importance of cyber security to change management highlighted the commercial relevance of effective cyber security maturity. At Six Degrees, we fully … Read more

A Crash Course on UK Financial Regulatory Authorities: FSMA, FCA, PRA, FPC and more

A Crash Course on UK Financial Regulatory Authorities

There has been a significant amount of change within UK financial services over the last decade. New regulations have come into place, and new types of businesses are engaging in financial service. Technology and digital services have played a growing role in traditional segments of the industry. With increased processing of online payments, more organisations … Read more

How to Tell The Board That You’ve Been Hacked …and keep your job

cyber security hack

The Board is never going to care more about cyber security than after you’ve been hacked. Unfortunately, the incident response meeting is never a good meeting to have. But it can present an opportunity to realign your organisation around cyber security, and the opportunities that an effective cyber security programme can deliver.   Fundamentally, cyber security … Read more

How to Build a Better Cyber Security System Today

build better cyber security system

Proactive defence with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 2020 changed how most businesses operate, and it’s important that cyber security keeps pace. Approximately 60% of UK adults found themselves working from home, and 71% of business decision-makers believe remote working has increased the likelihood of a cyber breach.    Unfortunately, these concerns are well-founded. Since the beginning … Read more

Five Cyber Security Questions Any CISO Should Be Able to Answer in 2022

cyber security questions

Cyber security is critical to your entire organisation, but often poorly understood. 58% of businesses with more than 500 employees are increasing their investment in cyber security this year. Changes to working patterns, cyber risks, and technology all demand change. But with more investment and greater scrutiny comes more questions from more people. Your ability … Read more

Four Cyber Security Trends to Watch in 2022

cybersecurity trends

The dramatic shift to remote workflows has increased the flow of sensitive information online — creating risk and leaving businesses exposed to cybercrime. The UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey, the fifth in the series, concluded that cyber-attacks have evolved and will become more frequent. Almost half of businesses (46%) have reported cyber-related attacks or … Read more