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Enterprise MPLS is Six Degrees Group’s flagship connectivity product. It is an IP-VPN wide area network (WAN) service that has been designed for companies that need single point-to-point connections or managed multi-site solutions from 8Mb broadband, to speeds in excess of 1Gbps. We can also supply managed MPLS networks with varying speeds at different sites with full SLAs.

Key Features of Enterprise MPLS from Six Degrees Group

  • MPLS available on broadband up to multi-gigabit
  • 5 levels of MPLS Quality of Service (QoS) as standard – no ‘premium MPLS QoS’ charges
  • Best MPLS regional pricing structure for each circuit
  • Cost effective MPLS networking of remote users
  • MPLS resilience available using separate carriers with diverse routing.
  • Multiple IP addressing & Managed Cisco routers.
  • Internet access also available through MPLS
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering the whole MPLS network
  • 24x7 monitoring and technical support on MPLS network
  • Customer usage/monitoring on MPLS packages

Benefits of Our Enterprise MPLS Network Solutions to your Business

Improved uptime (from ultra-fast re-routing) – Upto 50 milliseconds.

If a major link within the MPLS network goes down and an alternative path exists, traffic can be re-routed in less than 50 milliseconds. You wouldn’t notice a thing as the MPLS network detects and works around the problem. Get an instant Quote

Cost-effective, scalable IP VPNs with MPLS

Our MPLS networks make it far simpler to set up a scalable network for your needs and if required add new sites with just standard routers. No need for additional hardware such as expensive firewalls. Get an instant Quote

Improved experience from your MPLS network

Customer-defined prioritised classes of traffic can be applied to your MPLS network. Time-sensitive data is assigned priority over delay tolerant data as per your company’s requirement. Get an instant Quote

Greater bandwidth utilisation within the MPLS network

Using Enterprise MPLS from Six Degrees Group can help you utilise your bandwidth most efficiently. Our MPLS network allows bandwidth to be used by other services when the higher priority services don’t need it. Get an instant Quote

Multiple sites connected as if on the same LAN

This means that all your offices across the country are as easy to connect into the LAN in your head office, as three PCs in your workplace. Get an instant Quote

Quicker & easier service provision and upgrades

With Enterprise MPLS there is no need to manually set up routing at every hop through the core network. This dramatically reduces the lead-time between placing your order or upgrade and it being delivered. Get an instant Quote

Reduced network congestion

Enterprise MPLS from Six Degrees Group offers sophisticated Traffic Engineering options that enable data to be sent along atypical paths, bypassing congested areas of the network thus ensuring data flows through the shortest possible path. Get an instant Quote

Why choose Six Degrees MPLS network Solution?

Six Degrees Group partners with many access network providers for the supply of tail circuits to build our MPLS networks. If we do not have availability from one supplier in your postcode area, our multi-vendor strategy allows us to offer alternatives. Moreover, this range of connectivity partners allows us to build highly cost-effective MPLS deployments for our customers as we are able to cherry-pick the best price/performance for each site. Six Degrees Group has a multi-PoP MPLS core on our network and can therefore provide secure MPLS services cost-effectively to both small and large organisations. Get an instant Quote

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“In the carrier world people don’t always deliver what they promise, particularly when servicing a rural area like Monmouthshire. Six Degrees Group is the exception. Following an in-depth technical analysis they have addressed all of our needs, providing a 100MB internet feed which is now used by over 400 staff for email, web conference hosting, demo facilities and remote working.”

Gary Mosardini, IS Manager for EMEA, Mitel.

“Six Degrees Group's MPLS solution offers us twice the product for half the price; it truly is excellent value for money. It’s a next generation managed solution at a price we can afford today. But above all, it means that we’re streamlined and have everything under one roof and we no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers like BT, an ISP, a router company etc.”

Billy Waters, IT manager, YO! Sushi.

“We selected Six Degrees Group because they are a no-nonsense ISP - open, transparent and easy to do business with. They were able to provide compelling pricing and rapid turnaround times, making the process simple for us as their customer.”

Nick McAvoy, head of IT infrastructure, Aldermore.